Over the course of our time together you can count on us tackling the following areas:

Overcome self limiting beliefs

We’re great at coming up with highly intelligent, seemingly legitimate reasons for why we don’t, can’t, shouldn’t, wish we could, etc. Years of this noise can harden into a false perception of who we believe ourselves to be.

But why continue believing in these limiting stories, feeling like an impostor, or that this is the best it is going to be?

Transformation in your thoughts, words and beliefs unleashes potential and opportunity for change in surprising and yet-to-be-seen ways.

Coaching creates space to do this work, providing you with tools to begin recognizing and shifting these patterns of smallness.


Step into your authenticity

When we embrace and live from our authenticity, we cut through the noise that causes us to falter, find greater clarity to make important decisions, and discover more joy in our day to day.

To get there requires self-knowledge and awareness. An appreciation for the mosaic of experiences that have shaped us, and an understanding of all the facets that contribute to our sense of self.  An awareness of what’s most important to us, our deepest held values.

Coaching assists in learning to lovingly embrace all these experiences, values and facets… drawing them together to help you show up authentically in a life that resonates to your core, opening you up to a new world of possibilities. 


activate your large, luscious life

From this stance of who you truly are, you’ll have clarity on what’s most important to you, and can begin to lay the ground work toward achieving your version of a fulfilling, larger life. 

Together we’ll map out and experiment with all the possibilities, work to refine and polish your vision, and put together a detailed action plan for how you’ll go after it.

As your coach, I’ll keep you accountable to leaning into your version of a larger life, championing you along the way, and calling you out should you start to play small.