A few of the most common reasons my clients seek out coaching:

You’re Feeling a Bit Stuck

Is it time for a big life change or a career shift, but it feels like fear is driving the bus?  Do you want clarity on exactly where you’re heading next? Coaching will help you get focused.

We’ll work to get you clear on your values and purpose in order to shift you out of “stuckness” and into fulfilling action. You’ll be certain about what’s next, and have accountability in getting there.

You Suffer From Imposter Syndrome

It’s estimated that up to 70% of us feel we’ve fooled others into thinking we’re more talented or competent than we believe ourselves to be. Impostorism. It steals our power and suffocates our presence.

I’ve been there too.  The big, positive thing that, while exciting, gives us a bit of a sinky, “What did I get myself into/Can I do this?” feeling.  By celebrating your accomplishments and quieting self-limiting beliefs, we’ll help you transition feelings of impostorism into deservingness.

You Want to Level Up

Life is good, but you really want to take it to great, standard definition to HD. You know it’s time to get focused on your next big thing, and you are looking for someone to keep you clear and accountable.

Improvement is at the heart of coaching. Together, we'll help you refine the vision of where you're heading and what it's going to take to get there. Celebrating the small victories and not letting potential detours derail you along your path.

You Feel Like a Cog in the Wheel

You drudge through each work day not feeling like you are having much of an impact or utilizing your core gifts and talents. Some days it feels like you’re just making the rich richer as you continue to settle for good enough and a steady paycheck.

It’s time to fully leverage your natural gifts, talents and business savvy to create your compelling version of ROI (Ripples Of Impact). We’ll work together to bust through any self imposed settling, and start leading from a sense of purpose and authenticity in your career and life.


If you’re nodding your head in agreement, feeling like I'm describing you, let’s connect!

Am I the coach for you? 

I hope so, but don't take my word for it. Here’s what a few clients have had to say about working with me:

Jessica was a huge help to me during a turning point in my career. She helped guide me on how to have difficult conversations and stand up for myself in professional settings. Without her, I don’t think I would have grown and advanced in my career – she helped me identify what I valued and what I wanted out of my job.
— Diana S., Account Director

I have always struggled with self-confidence and truly believing in myself and my capabilities. Jessica was quick to see this and had several solutions to help remedy it. She was able to make me self-aware of all of the doubt I was casting on myself, and provided different tools that enabled me to squash my “saboteur” and really start believing in me.
— Lauren H., VP Strategy Director

When I started working with Jessica, I had the notion that I wanted to be doing something different with my career and life. Her warmth, authenticity, and professionalism established such a strong sense of confidence and trust during our first meeting, that I felt immediately comfortable sharing things with her that I hadn’t even fully realized I wanted. She helped me enunciate and formalize the shell of an idea I had been kicking around in my head through asking just the right (sometimes hard!) questions to tease out a game changing personal revelation. Jessica has a rare combination of skills and personality that make her truly effective at what she does.
— Mandy R., Sr. Project Manager

Jessica was tremendous in getting to the heart of my personal challenges, and how they could open up new opportunities in not just my career, but personal life as well. She helped me become more self-confident, and really see the value of my work ethic and contributions, helping me realize my true potential and the value I added to my organization.
— Chad I., Creative Director

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