Alignment and happiness

Here it is. My big reveal.

I wholeheartedly believe the secret to getting after it is… getting into alignment.

Allow me to go all Webster’s dictionary on you for a minute. Alignment = a position of agreement.

Now let that sink in.

How often are you getting yourself into a position of agreement with yourself? 

Those feelings of joyous, thriving, lit up, buzzy, aliveness. Living life according to your values. Feeling good! I find, when I’m living life from a place of agreement with my fine self, things seem to fall effortlessly into place in a “pinch me” kind of way.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve had to give your arm a pinch, let’s discuss how you can spend more time in your most agreeable flow state.

Happiness routines

Routines don’t normally equate happiness, but what if we committed to making happiness part of our daily routine? Identifying the tiny things that bring you joy and making time for them each and every day.

- Dark chocolate for dessert... after breakfast?
- Walking home from the office jamming to your favorite playlist so you can shake off the day?
- A daily La Croix break? (Pamplemousse brings me so much joy!)

Whatever makes you feel good!

Creating time for the little things that lift you up in a regular way can shift your outlook, inviting in that high vibe feeling of agreement we’re looking for here.

Pay attention to presence

A definition of mindfulness I love is paying attention on purpose. When we take a minute to become fully present in this exact moment, we have more information available to us right now.

How we are feeling? What may or may not be true about this current situation?  

Presence is a centeredness that allows us to slow down and make a more deliberate choice about our thoughts, feelings or behaviors.

If alignment is all about being in agreement with one’s self, then practicing mindful awareness is a necessary step to begin noticing what is agreeing to you.

Recognizing the feeling
Here’s a radical notion, the Universe always says yes to what you focus upon. Think about that for a moment.

- What have you been focusing on lately?
- How are you feeling right now?
- Where might this feeling be reflecting back to you in your present circumstances?

Being intentional about how you want to feel is a first step toward alignment. Once you can identify the core feeling you’re desiring, the next step becomes welcoming and recognizing when you feel aligned with, or in agreement with it. Get present to the actions and thoughts that put you into this feel good place and take note! Add some of these actions, thoughts, mantras to your daily happiness routine.

Be intentional about doing the things that will help you feel exactly like how you want to feel.

Alignment can be a “I know it when I feel it” sort of moment for most people. So I encourage you to begin to pay attention on purpose to how you want to feel and what brings more of that feeling into your awareness.