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You know you’re ready for the next big move in your career. Your current gig works, but you really want a job you love. A position that lets your authentic leadership capabilities shine, and feels oh so meaningful.

In order to land a job that feels dreamy, try holding your values at the center of the job hunting process.

Values are the mile markers of purpose. They are a mostly unspoken way of of living that gives meaning to our lives. To find a gig that truly lights you up, lets put your values front and center.

Know Thy Values

First things first, what are your values? I’m not necessarily talking the tried and true values you were raised upon, but the tenants of what is deeply and personally meaningful to you. Collaboration, spontaneity, tenacity, integrity, adventure, compassion. You can find value lists a mile long online, but it’s important you identify the words or phrases that are intensely significant to you. Those at the bedrock of who you are and what makes you tick.

If you’re having trouble identifying them, think of a moment in life where you were particularly fulfilled. Who were you being, what was happening around you, what feels important about this moment in your life? Share this story with a friend and have them string together words that are popping, or the values they are noticing.

Cross Reference

With reaffirming clarity on your own values, start to look for positions and organizations that compliment them. Review organizational missions, corporate giving partners and practices, client rosters, employee benefits, etc, and cross reference how they align with what’s on your personal values list. The more synchronicities the better!

Another quick way to know if you’re jiving with a company is to notice how your body feels when you’re learning about the org, position or on the interview. When we’re living meaningfully, putting our values front and center, we feel incredibly alive, lit up and energized. Check in with what’s going on for you physically across the entire job hunting experience for deeper insight from somatic alignment. We often don’t give our bodies enough credit for the information they provide.

Own Em

As you start landing those big interviews, be prepared to share your strengths and experience as they pertain to your values and the values of the organization. If collaboration is a core value that makes you and the organization tick, showcase examples of how your collaborative nature has shaped who you are and effects of these dynamic contributions across your career. Be curious about how collaboration fits as a centerpiece of their work and the work in the potential new role, being sure to highlight whatever synergies you see across your own resume.

Show Up

At every stage of the process, from resume submission, to interview, to offer negotiation, stand fully in the importance of your values. Affirm to yourself that this opportunity will help you live more meaningfully, since it is aligned with what’s most important to you; allowing you to do greater, more impactful work. Relish the power of you getting to do work that feels so true to who you are at each stage of the process and watch how magically things can unfold.