Confession time.

At the start of this year, I had yet to conceive my annual business plan. And it felt pretty crappy to be lacking the clarity I needed to create a roadmap for success.

About halfway through January, I decided I really needed a combination of motivation and accountability. So I opted to create a personal board of directors. A crew of select friends vastly familiar with my most authentic self, who are some of my biggest biz supporters, and who have had experience working with me in the past. A few peeps whose opinions mean the world to me, and who are genuinely invested in my success.

We spent three hours in a room together analyzing, from a place of love, all the aspects of my biz, and I walked away from this session with a detailed plan coupled with soaring spirits to get after it.

The idea of creating your own board of directors, mastermind or cohort isn’t new, but man can it can be inspiring and invigorating when done well.

Here are a few key ingredients to create your own ride or die squad to help you achieve whatever is most important to you, personally or professionally, this year.

Know your cheerleaders

These are the people who are always interested in what’s shaking in your life and career. The people who seem to get you on a deep, intrinsic level and truly want to see you succeed in achieving whatever floats your boat. Plus, they are willing to roll up their sleeves and help you get there. This will look different for each of us, but the sentiment is the same - these peeps are willing to share, connect, brainstorm, inspire and get you excited about moving toward what you most want for yourself with gusto.

Design how you’ll support each other

As with any relationship, take time at your first BoD meeting to get into agreement around what’s cool, what’s not, meeting structure, etc.

  • How often will you meet?
  • Is everything shared in total confidence?
  • How do you each want to support one another?  (Think accountability, sharing the mic, etc)
  • Any special requests or permissions to be granted to the group?

Clarity in the purpose of your personal BoD and how you design your support of each other will lay the groundwork for successful meetings, and create a fertile environment for goal attainment.  

Be vulnerable

If you have the right people at the table, this step will be far easier than, say, showcasing that same vulnerability in front of your new CEO. The idea here is to be honest and open so that your board has the full scope of why what you’re bringing to the table is important to you. The clearer you are in your why, the more genuinely your posse will want to help you accomplish your goals. When people are able to align with the purpose behind your goal, achieving it becomes uber meaningful to everyone involved in the process. It’s as much a win for your board as it is for you!

Do the work

You personal BoD is invested in your success and it’s imperative to honor their commitment by being personally committed to doing the work. Sure, life happens, but the point of having this tribe is to both have your back and inspire you to get after it. Honor yourself, their time and the feel good vibes that come from a group of people rooted in seeing you succeed. Show up for your personal BoD, and yourself, by doing the work to meet the goals you commit to accomplishing each and every time you meet. You might just change your life.