You know that feeling.
You’ve just Got. To. Have. It.
The job, relationship, raise. You want it so bad it pains you.
This feeling = thirsty.

When we’re thirsty, we are completely focused on the lack of having what we want. And this feeling of needy desperation doesn’t leave us with much perspective, opportunity or creative energy.

The best way to move in the direction of what you desperately desire is finding a way to quench your thirst.

Here are three tips to start feeling satisfied.

Get into gratitude
When we are seized by the somewhat paralyzing thoughts of what we don’t have, the single best way I’ve found to reverse this thinking trap is to get ourselves into an appreciative state. What are all the things you have in your life to be grateful for? Make a list, say them out loud, see how long this list can be. Being in gratitude is a research backed way for us to feel more abundant and in turn, far less thirsty.

Seek the desired feeling
Imagine you had the thing you’re longing for. Now ask yourself, how would that make me feel?
Get to the baseline feeling the object your thirsting over will provide, and then be in that feeling as much as possible. Seriously, go do whatever you have to do to feel the way you want to feel.
If your thirst for a partner is about feeling loved, remind yourself of all the love you currently have. Shower yourself with self love, give your Mom a call, snuggle your pup, treat a friend to a coffee date. Find as many ways to be in the feeling your thirsting for so you begin to quench it with the abundance of, in this case love, available to you right now.

Drink a glass of water
I know, I know, I’m being quite literal here, but it works! When you’re feeling that longing for what you lack, go fill up a big ol’ glass of water and drink it down. Symbolically you’re reminding your body, and mind, when it's in a panicked or a desperate sense of lack that you truly have all you need at your fingertips. You are fully capable of quenching your own thirst. Enjoy this full feeling, be in gratitude for it and go ahead and pat yourself on the back for the hydration boost.

Want to add an extra does of woo? Before you drink the water, send it thoughts of gratitude, abundance, love, anything positive. Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto has demonstrated when focusing positive thoughts on water beautiful molecular snowflake like patterns are created, while negative feeling thoughts create harsh dark indecipherable structures. Check out Google Images to see the visible results of charging your water with positivity and enjoy drinking it down.