Anyone who’s been reading my blog from the beginning knows I have a special place in my heart for spin class. The loud, heart pumping, sweat dripping workout is one of my favorite go to’s. This past June, I was offered the spinner’s dream, to join SoulCycle for a complimentary month.

Let me start by confirming the cult rumors are true. I mean, am I the only one not wearing their branded clothing? These SoulCyclers are serious!

I fully expected to end the month jonesing for my next candlelit endorphin rush, having fully drank the Kool-Aid, but instead I was surprised to have walked away with a few life lessons instead.

Inhale intention, exhale exhaustion

Inhale intention, exhale exhaustion has become a bit of a life manta for me. Each breath gives us an opportunity to set our intension for the day, for a meeting, for a conversation. Each breath gives us a chance to reset. To bring us back to the larger picture of what we want and intend for our careers, lives, selves. It’s become a reminder to reset my mind when I notice my breath, and release what isn’t serving me. When I’m exhausted, I’ll forcefully exhale to relieve my tension or overwhelm, and take a deep inhale to reset my intention for how I want things to be.

Don’t be breathless, be sore

So many people around me during class would be flying on their bikes. A pedaling blur of fast, with zero resistance, and basically missing the point. It’s not about how fast you go, but the effort behind each stroke. Hello busy-ness metaphor!

Busy does not equal meaningful. The sweet spot in our work comes from being intentional with our time and effort in order to create meaningful outcomes. We want to end our work weeks with that same good kind of sore, where we know hard work got done and done well, rather than collapse from the breathlessness of busy.

It’s not about money or time, but how bad you want it

You have to get after it. You have to show up for what you want in your life. Not having enough money or time are excuses for not really wanting whatever “it” is for you. And that’s ok! Maybe “it” isn’t the thing you really want or need, maybe the timing isn’t right. But when you truly set your sights on “it”, the wanting becomes so focused and intense, everything else starts to fall away and the road to where you want to go rises to meet you.

You can be tired and still be strong

Once we start getting after “it”, it can be exhausting. You might fall down or feel beat, but you’re still strong my friend. It is this strength, that will carry you forward. Take a moment to be tired. To see how you’re improving, growing and inching closer to what’s next for you. Take a break, rest, recoup, take damn good care of yourself, so when you're ready, you can get after it again in a fiercely strong way.