December. It’s that time when we’re holly, jolly and “ho, ho, holy crap where'd the year go?!” It’s once we’re past Hanukkah, Christmas and Kawanzaa, ready to turn the annual page, when I feel most compelled to reflect and set my sights on how I want the new year to be.

My original intention with this post was to share what this process looks like for me, but upon reflection, it’s really not a one size fits all kinda thing. In fact, there are some really incredible resources that might be the exact fit for your new year planning and beyond.

With that, allow me to share some of my favorite things:

Reboot Your Year

Reboot, a great coaching organization, has a fantastic free email series focused on deep reflection. This 5-day email course offers Buddha like poetry, koans – which are phrases to meditate upon, and 20-minute guided journal prompts. If you’re looking for a quiet, zen like way to recap and revive, this will help you do just that, all between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Desire Mapping

Any client of mine will tell you my go to strategy in determining what’s next is tuning in to how you want to feel, and letting those feelings guide your intentions. (more on intentions below) Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map book and planners are my hands down go-to’s when determining what gets priority on my agenda in the year to come. It’s become my sacred intention setting and reflection strategy throughout the year.

Intentions Over Resolutions

At the top of 2017, I wrote a short blog post on why I believe it’s most important to set your intentions for the new year versus making a laundry list of resolutions. To me, intentions feel so much more compassionate and "in it for the long-haul". Influenced by Desire Mapping, and what works best on my end, it’s worth the quick read.

Zing Collaborative

My dear friend, and Achieving Alchemy co-creator, Sarah, wrote an amazing blog post at the close of 2016 focused on some big coaching questions to consider for end of year reflection and planning. It’s basically like having a coach in your pocket, helping you get focused on what’s most important to you next year.

Tools to keep it all alive in 2018:

Calm app

I believe in order to be at our best, our most intentional, we need to create mindful awareness. Building in a pause before our reaction. Calm is my favorite meditation app for whatever you want to work on. Awareness, anxiety, restful sleep, they have a variety of meditations and, maybe most importantly, lengths ranging from 2-30 minutes helping you fit mindfulness into your schedule on a daily basis.

Desire Map Planner

Mentioned above, this planner is what keeps me anchored in my intentions and focused on how I want to feel the whole year through. I’ve always been an aspirational planner user, never lasting beyond March. Yet this journal like datebook has become my bible the whole year through. 

Champagne Moments

How would you design your week so that by Friday at 5, what you accomplished would be worthy of popping a bottle of bubbly? That’s the idea behind Carrie Bentley’s champagne moments, from Life Hack Bootcamp. I discovered this genius productivity method through Amy Porterfield’s podcast, and it’s seriously upped my "get sh*t done" game ever since.


Having accountability in any goal, project or intention will amplify your discipline to a whole new level. As you start to think about what’s important for you in 2018, who can hold you accountable in getting there? You could hire a coach (shameless plug and sample session link here), confide in your boss, chat up a mentor, teacher, leader. No matter who it is, you want them to hold a high bar for you, have your best interest at heart and hold you to your larger vision for 2018.

Recommended Reading:

The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasticha – A quick, easy read on Neil’s research backed 9 secrets to happiness. I agree with them all.

The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard – It’s like a polar plunge for claiming your personal power and refusing to settle for smallness.

The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna – A book full of whimsy and wisdom on the road to purpose. It’s one I go back to for a shot of creative inspiration again and again.

Find Your Why by Simon Sinek, et all – A follow up to the infamous “Start With Why” that walks you through determining your Why page by page. Pro tip: start with Why and then create goals based on your How’s.

The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte – At this point, it goes without saying, but use this one to identify your core desired feelings and set some goals with soul.

Whew, here you have it!

I should mention, none of these are affiliate links, but truly great resources I have in my back pocket at all times.

Happy reflecting, planning, holidays and new year to you and yours.

Lots of Love - Jess