“When someone makes a decision, she is really diving into a strong current that will carry her to places she had never dreamed of when she first made the decision.”

- Paulo Coelho & Jess Edwards

I’ve been reflecting on my professional journey a lot recently.

The discomfort of major growth periods, the deep satisfaction of the joyous moments can flood back to me in an instant. But what really stands out is this idea of current.

Of how making what may seem like a small decision begins to shape and guide you toward calling, toward purpose.

9 years ago - I looked up my corporate ladder and thought, damn, this isn't for me... but what the heck is?

6 years ago - I wrapped grad school and shifted my career trajectory, accepting a role leveraging my degree in leadership and organizational development.

4 years ago - I walked into my first coach training and discovered my calling.

3 years ago - I began coaching women in my organization. Helping them get grounded in who they were so they could lead from their authenticity, finding meaning in their work and their lives.

1 year ago - I longed for a larger impact, and left to launch my coaching business, helping women align who they are with the work they want to do in the world.

Today - I look back and see that the start of this journey was an internal restlessness.  Very much like a current. It pulled me closer and closer to my calling, toward what was next.

Each move edged me closer to purpose. Helping me feel more alive and energized by each step, more lit up by the work I was doing, all as I got closer to the work I’m meant to do.

Trusting this current hasn’t always been easy, but it’s helped me grow and gain the knowledge necessary to pour all of this experience into gentling the journey for the women I have the honor of coaching in my practice.

And I wish the same for you. May your current always be strong, may you have the courage to follow your flow.