We sometimes get a bad wrap, especially in the workplace. A needy, demanding, commitment adverse group of professionals who want what we want… yesterday.

According to a new Gallop study* of 20-36 year olds, that’s partially true. Confirming what us Millennials already know, the research concluded we’re:

  • Demanding - Yep. We know exactly what we want from an organization, and we are willing to keep looking till we find it.
  • Results oriented – You bet. We want to be judged on the results of our work, not on how long we are at our desks.
  • Feedback dependent – Listen, we just want to grow. Tell us how we are doing so we can alter our path if it isn’t working. #seeabove

The most interesting finding wasn’t that Millennials inherently want to jump from job to job looking for more money or perks, per societal stereotyping, but that we want to find a job with purpose.

Yas!  Ding, ding, ding!

There is a shift in our generation. We are looking to work differently, to be managed differently. We have a different mindset than previous generations.

Instead of…                                                     We want…

My paycheck                                                   My purpose

My satisfaction                                               My development

My boss                                                           My coach

My annual review                                           My ongoing conversations

My weaknesses                                              My strengths

My job                                                             My life

As a Millennial I wholeheartedly agree, I longed for each of these revised traits in my former corporate roles. And so much of the coaching work I do with Millennials now is centered around trying to find greater meaning in both career and life. Uncovering purpose and focusing on personal strength and development in achieving it.

So what do you do with this info?

If this is resonating with you, share it with your team or manager. Aim to create open channels of communication around how you want to work, be managed, and what has meaning for you in the work you're currently doing.  

If you, as a Millennial, need help discovering more meaning in your day to day, let’s connect on creating or enhancing a purposeful career and living a larger life filled to the brim with meaning. 

On the flip side, if you are a boss struggling with managing our generation, give me a shout to learn how to tweak your management style toward coaching and communicating with purpose, giving Millennials a compelling reason to stick around your organization.


* Crowley, Mark C. 2016, June 1. Millennials Don’t Want Fun; They Want You to Lead Better. LinkedIn.