Words Have Power

As I continue to devour Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living by Krista Tippett, I’m struck by the poetry she has created out of words.

Krista writes:

“All words are just containers… they take on all of our flaws and frailties.  They diminish or embolden the truths they arose to carry.”

The physical personification of words struck me as a profound thought.

Contrary to the popular children’s rhyme, words can, and often do, hurt us.  They hurt most when our own, sometimes shaming or debilitating, internal language is validated externally, by a loved one, or even a stranger.

But what if we chose to drain the “containers” that trigger us most? Diminish the truth these words carry. Internal truths which arose in us over the course of our life.

Here's a visualization to do just that: 

Imagine the word helpless.

The container of letters heaping-ly filled to the brim with years of compounding weight. The weight of feeling trapped, useless, crumpled, unsalvageable, all contained within these eight letters.

Picture it. Feel it’s weight, how it holds you down, holds you back.

Now imagine seeing for the first time a plug at the bottom of the P. Visualize yourself pulling out the plug.  Letting the weight of the word pour out from the middle, pooling onto the ground around you.

What do you feel now?  A lightness. The weight of the word dispersed like sand at your feet. What is possible from here?  What becomes possible when we drain the power out of the words that trigger our most self-limiting beliefs?

Drop them. Drain them. Shatter them to pieces. 

Let's chose new words to define us.  Chose new words to believe in, and renew again and again.  Carefully chose new words that fully express and contain our brilliance.


What word/s do you want to drain? What worthy replacements truly capture your brilliance?