Getting to the Olympics is no doubt a long, grueling road and like any major life moment, is a dream realized. Years of dedication and inspiration showcased. A culmination of a lifetime of motivation and drive.

Just like Olympians, us mere mortals hone our drive and determination to reach our own major life goals. In fact, I believe there are four key traits we share with these incredible athletes… well minus the multi-pack abs:


I’d be willing to bet every single Olympian has pictured themselves winning the gold, on the podium, head held high. Having a clear sense of your end goal shines light on why we’re putting in the hard work during life’s darker moments. It helps us lean in when we really want to shrink back into bed or our chairs in the boardroom. A clear vision of what we want for our future helps us keep our eyes on the prize.


Day in, day out. Good moments and rough ones. Steps toward a goal will sometimes be massive and other times miniscule. But you keep showing up. Each day gaining momentum toward the vision you hold for yourself and your future. It’s in the consistency where change happens, and the pathway toward your larger vision gets worn.


My favorite part of the games is watching the Olympians right before they begin their event. You can practically FEEL their presence. The past is done, and the future is yet to be shaped. The only moment that matters is this one. A fierceness of presence comes from security in who we are and resounding confidence in our abilities. It allows us to stay focused on the moment at hand and cool when the pressure’s on.


Athletes surround themselves with the best support to get them to the finish line. When they stumble, their coach is there along side them to dust them off and give them a boost to get back out there. We too are a product of whom we surround ourselves. By being selective about our friends, coaches and confidants we can get just the right shot in the arm to pick ourselves up and keep moving in the direction of our goals.


While you might not be in the running for an Olympic medal, each day provides renewed opportunity to strive toward your version of a larger life. And if you need help in cultivating any of these traits to get there, you know where to find me.