Machu Picchu

I have a pattern in my life.  I jump into the deep end by making major, sweeping changes all at once. 

It has actually come to be a hallmark for me.  A sign that I’m closing a chapter, and moving on to the next.

Seven years ago, I started graduate school, moved in with my later-to-be-husband and started a new job. Looking back, I have no idea how I kept my sanity those first couple months. 

But deep down, I knew I was moving on to the next chapter.  Small shift after tiny shift bringing me new experiences which helped me grow personally and professionally.  Shifts that led to so much joy and largeness.

Last year wasn’t my favorite.  In fact, I would say I was miserable.  I ignored, down right refused, to see all the synchronicity of the signs telling me it was time to close another chapter, move on to the next.

Once I fully admitted it was time to change, to let go, everything swiftly fell into place.  A place I couldn’t have dreamt for myself at the start of this year.

I voluntarily took a layoff so I could fully commit to my vision for Jessica Edwards Coaching.  After deciding to stay in that place we moved into the week I started the job above, our landlord told us he decided to sell our place. Time to move!

The day the severance from my layoff expired, I signed a new lease.  As I dated the lease, I was dumbstruck by the synchronicity.  Everything about the old chapter had closed.  I was moving on in a very different direction than the last seven years.

It felt as if I was finally able to exhale, and fully turn my attention to the next, very exciting, chapter.

When lots of change comes largely and swiftly, it's a sign I'm on my own pathway to the large, luscious life I envision for myself.

It can certainly cause an upheaval but, as my history has shown, it always puts me closer to the life I want for myself.

Now, when I am struck with the synchronicity of signs, I pause to be fully present in the realization, in the awareness of what is happening, and feel a deep sense of gratitude for the way life continues to unfold.