Diamonds Taking Shape

This is an embarrassing thing to admit.  I’m writing a blog post about a Coldplay lyric.

I was listening to my long, slow run playlist and “Adventure of a Lifetime” came on shuffle. I’m jogging along, enjoying a lovely spring day, when a snippet of a lyric got stuck in my head.

“We are diamonds, taking shape.”

Diamonds.  A thing of value, of beauty, of controversy, of brightness.

It got me thinking, our truest, most authentic self is the diamond inside of each of us… and it’s not always easy to find. 

For each of us, it is brilliant at birth and continues to sparkle and shine, leading the way.  

For some of us, it gets covered up, swept deep inside, and we lose sight of its shimmer in the darkness over time.

But it is there. 

Being shaped by our values, our purpose, our deepest desires. Growing with us, taking shape, evolving, waiting to be discovered again, waiting to truly shine.

We sense it sometimes, deep within us.  It’s there when we are still, quiet.  There, waiting.

It’s there waiting for the moment when we are courageous, frustrated, over it, motivated enough to peer into the darkness.  To wander into the void within ourselves to unearth our brilliance. To let our brilliance shine from us, casting a prism of light onto our path towards purpose.  

It’s there within us waiting to feel, in the words of Coldplay, alive again.

And if you are so inclined, go ahead, indulge your authentic self, hit play.