Room & Board Chair

We have this fabulous chair that is tucked in the corner of our place. It’s sort of situated behind the couch.

When my husband sits in it, he can stretch his long legs out to rest on the top of the couch.  It looks quite comfortable.

The other day I was working in the chair, and wanted to prop my legs up so I could be more comfortable working on my laptop.  I tried to emulate what B had done, but my legs were far too short to reach the top of the couch.  (There is a 9-inch difference between us after all)

I reflexively had the thought, “Bummer! I wish I was taller so I could kick back here like B does.” A beat or two went by and then I thought, “Why not just move the chair?!”

A lot of times in life, we accept the status quo.  What we’ve been told, by those we love or society.  Things like:

-       You must go to college to be successful

-       Graduate, find the person of your dreams, get married, start a family

-       Get a good job, keep the good job, climb the ladder at the good job

I fell for every one of these “societal norms.” At some point, out of frustration, or more likely inner wisdom, I had that smack-in-the-head moment where I asked my self, “Why not just move the chair?”

As the saying goes, life is short.  Too short to not question your motivations for staying in a relationship, career or situation that at one point might have been what you, someone or society wished for, but is no longer serving you. 

Rather than accept the ways things are or should be, why not get up and move the damn chair! Take control over your future by listening to what you long for, and DO something about it.

I’ll never be 6 foot, which is fine by me, but I have the power to obtain what I’m longing for.  So in this instance, and in life, I’ll get up and move the chair.


What’s your metaphorical chair? What do you want to stop accepting as "lack" and take action in creating for yourself?