Plenty of us make choices based on what others want, society’s definition of success, what’s easiest, or what will cause us the least amount of discomfort in the moment.

Decisions like these are the hallmark of being out of alignment, of living small. In accepting the “way it is”, over reimagining the way it could be, we put ourselves inside the box. It’s here where we settle for good enough, and sell out on our dreams of wanting more.

From this perspective of smallness, it becomes nearly impossible for us to imagine and hold onto a larger, more fulfilling vision for our lives. We forget what it is we truly want, what brings us joy… we forget that we know.

That’s right my loves, we know. We can reconnect to our knowing and intentionally realign our lives.

Gaining clarity around values ignites the process of rediscovering what you want, your calling, your vision. As you begin to realign, you start to see what choices need to be made in order to begin living a larger more purpose driven life.

If you are ready to reconnect to what’s most important to you, in order to redefine success and set the direction of your dreams, join me for my workshop, “Start Living Large… on Purpose,” this Thursday, November 17.

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