I’ve always been a girl with a plan.

I grew up knowing I should be a good student in order to go to college and get a satisfying, or perhaps "status-fying", corporate job. I’d marry a great guy from a successful family, and we’d go about our lives with a couple of kids, house in the city, etc, fully embracing the American Dream.

Sound familiar?

As it turns out, much of what I “thought I knew” was actually a compilation of noise based on how those around me were defining success. When I hit my late 20’s I woke up to a life that was pretty successful by their metrics, but was utterly unsatisfying to me.

It can happen to the best of us. We are slowly consumed by success as defined by others… our parents, friends, colleagues, society. Our perception of success slowly hardens into a subconscious one-size-fits-all definition.

That is until we wake up to this simple fact - we get to choose how we define success.

To get there, you need to let go of the big picture programming you’ve likely subscribed to throughout your life, and craft your own authentic idea of what you find satisfying.

As you do, you’ll likely begin making new choices to start defining your own truly personal metric for success. It’s one of the first steps on the path to a larger, more purpose driven life.

If you want a bit of help defining what success looks like to you join me for my workshop, “Start Living Large… on Purpose,”  on November 17th, from 6-8pm.

We will begin creating new meaning around a definition of success that's aligned with your values, and helps crystalize your vision for a larger more purpose driven life.

For details, check out the invitation here