We all know the saying. What you resist, persists.

Resistance is a force within each of us that beguiles us into remaining small. It keeps us stuck in patterns that block us from thriving and living large. It persists when we accept it as normal versus choosing to push past it. Getting stuck in our narrative of smallness.

We can overcome resistance. It starts by recognizing how resistance persists for you, making a different choice and taking action against it.

Recognize your story

Our stories run us. An easy way to recognize them is to examine your most frequent thoughts. What is constantly cycling through your mind?

“I’m not ____ enough, I’m too busy, I have to be productive, I have to prove myself, I’m too tired, I’ll start tomorrow.”

This is how your resistance is showing up. These thoughts are keeping you blocked from peace, success, love, etc.

Ask yourself why? Why do I feel I have to be productive? Is it because it satisfies my need for control? Is it cause if I’m not productive, I’ll be outed as not being smart enough for this job?

Keep asking why till you get to the bottom of the thought and expose your fear based story.

Recognizing your resistance narrative presents you with an opportunity to choose again.   

Realize you are making a choice

Our repetitive thoughts literally become entrenched neuropathways in our brains. When we let these stories of resistance run us, they become our mental default.

Are you choosing to stay safe in your comfort zone, even if you’re miserable and unfulfilled, over the vulnerability of personal growth and betterment? Are you choosing to stay in your ho-hum relationship or career because you don’t believe you are worthy of more?  

Once you’ve identified your resistance story, you have a choice to change it. Practice choosing a new thought when the old one shows up, over and over again, to actively carve new pathways in your brain.

If you catch yourself thinking, “I’m not really happy in this job, but it’s a paycheck.” Reframe your story and choose again. “I’m worthy of having a meaningful career, and each day I have the opportunity to learn more about what this looks like for me.”

Take Action… Now

Resistance thrives in procrastination. We don’t tell ourselves, I’m never going to get a promotion, we say I’ll ask for the promotion tomorrow/when my boss is in a good mood/when the time is right.

Resistance hates action. Action sets wheels in motion. Action takes a stand against our smallness, our resistance.

If you want to take a stand against resistance find a way, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, to take action. Not tomorrow, today. Right now, and every day going forward.

Make a choice to move closer to your goal and dreams Every. Single. Day.

Choosing to take action paves the pathway to your new story. One where you are larger than your resistance.


Simply put, resistance = fear. Fear of the consequences of following your heart, becoming who you truly are. Make a conscious choice to change your story and live your purpose. The world needs your large, authentic, purposeful self.