I spent 12+ years as a full-fledged corporate pantsuit-er, who’s always been most comfortable in a blazer and jeans. True to form, this is how most of my clients would describe me… a relaxed, corporate gal committed to keeping it real when it comes to fostering authentic leadership.

My background in advertising, communications, and leadership & organizational development fueled my passion to live large within the corporate space.

To me living large means leading from a strong sense of personal purpose, which you discover by connecting to the core of who you are, your strengths and your values.

It’s about working to identify more than just career competencies, but refining and honoring character, courage and conviction -- all in service to more impactful, and meaningful, leadership.

That’s what I help my corporate go-getters do, break down all the superficial BS that gets in the way of real leadership and roll up our proverbial sleeves to create meaningful change inside and outside of your j-o-b.  

The way I see it, my j-o-b is to help you better align who you are with the work you’re doing every day by focusing on deep personal growth for truly satisfying professional development.

When I’m not busy unearthing my client’s inner superheroes, or strategizing my next leadership workshop, you can catch me running on the Lakeshore in my hometown of Chicago, planning my next travel adventure, or snuggled on the couch avidly reading a business or personal development book I checked out from the library.


Curious to know a bit more about what makes me tick? Here are a four highlights:

  1. I launched my neighborhood babysitting empire at 12 years old by hatching a business plan to get CPR certified, and immediately leveraged it to advertise my babysitting services.

  2. I have a Masters in Communications, am a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC), DiSC Behavioral Certified facilitator, Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP) and Pulse certified… which immediately begs the question of how many letters are appropriate to add after one’s name?

  3. My last meal on earth would consist of NYC style pizza and chocolate birthday cake with white buttercream icing and rainbow sprinkles.

  4. Traverse City, Michigan is my happy place.